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sATANonic.exe by MEWtront sATANonic.exe :iconmewtront:MEWtront 70 57 ::Bloody::Hands:: - B-day Gift for Angel by Snouken ::Bloody::Hands:: - B-day Gift for Angel :iconsnouken:Snouken 595 284 Sonic.EXE - The REAL Title Screen by SecretAgentJonathon Sonic.EXE - The REAL Title Screen :iconsecretagentjonathon:SecretAgentJonathon 503 191 Sonic.exe fan stamp by 6t76t Sonic.exe fan stamp :icon6t76t:6t76t 355 54 Sonic.exe by ShadowNinja976 Sonic.exe :iconshadowninja976:ShadowNinja976 1,047 734
The mortals/demons/demi-gods/programs that I know of.
((Do not take any of these explanations as an offense, this is only for RP purposes only))

sonic exe photo: Sonic ExE 061d5cff-da5d-4479-b823-8a85fb7273d1.jpg

Minions :iconsonicexesmirkplz:
"You'll never change back, as long as I'm still here, you'll continue on with your miserable lives as slaves under my order!"


Friends :iconsonicexeblushplz:
"Your pretty interesting, let us hope for your sake I don't lose my temper with you."


Neutral :iconsonicexestareplz:
"I think I'll save you the last spot for the slaughtering."


Rivals :iconsonic-exe-wtfplz:
"Having fun are we? We destined to do this forever, aren't we?"


Enemies :iconsonicexegrinplz:
"You fucked up, and now your going to pay!"


.:: Rules ::.

-Sonic.exe will kill you, no questions asked.

-He is not huggable.

-He is not capable of loving anyone.

-He isn't either a part of hell or heaven. He is something else entirely.

-No godmodding/recolors/Mary-sues commenting on this account.

-Don't comment here saying *has disc in hand*, that is another form of godmodding, and to top it off, the whereabouts of the disc is unknown.

-Please, PLEASE, for the love of fuck, do not comment on here saying how much you love Sonic.exe.


And changes are gonna be made. So, "exe" will now be pissed off all the time, drunk half the time, and cusses like a goddamn sailor, why, BECAUSE I CAN.


I--AM--GOD's Profile Picture
(( <<< The REAL TRUTH behind what Sonic.EXE is. I only wrote down "The True Story" in the description as my view on how Sonic.EXE was created.))

.:: The True Story ::.

It was once a normal day among the Green Hill Zone as Sonic the Hedgehog had been going on his daily run. Whatever compelled Sonic to run out of his own bounds of time and space, no one really knows. He had broken through and was suddenly met with pitch black everywhere. He continued onward, hoping to find his way out, but nothing. The only thing he found was a mirror. A mirror showing himself as the demon he never was beforehand. It told him that soon he would kill EVERYONE close to him. A few more minutes would pass by before the demon broke free to gain a hold of Sonic's mind, eventually changing him into the demon he is now. It took him awhile to get used to the new madness that processed through his brain, eventually coming back to Green Hill Zone, murdering innocent animals and eating their innards.

The normal mind set of an EXE is it's instinct to kill whatever stands around them. As long as it lives, it will die if it ever comes near a demon of this sort. But, with Sonic.EXE on the other hand, it only took him a days worth before his deranged mind was developing into a psychopathic genius, eventually planning the murders of each and every victim he encounters.

He sees himself as the overlord of his realm now as he had then killed almost everyone near him. But that wasn't enough for him. He once again broke through the space time continuum to once again face the mirror, asking it how he could traverse to other worlds to satisfy his thirst for blood. Upon getting no answer, he kept bashing his head forward until he finally broke the mirror that had once changed him, revealing the infamous disc that would spread EXE's torture like a virus.

From there on out, upon meeting the victim only known as Tom, he was set free, ripping a hole in the space time continuum that now led him to other worlds. He was finally set free.

He grew weary that other mortals and demi-gods could also traverse through these portals, and thus started training the demons he had once converted before hand in his brutal massacre that first occurred in the Green Hill Zone. Half of them were willing to learn the ways of an EXE, and others had to be "convinced" to become a brutal murderer. After a few months, and harsh times of training his fellow demons, he was finally ready to make his mark in history.

((I usually prefer story RP's, although that doesn't stop me from RPing with anyone, feel free to RP as you see fit, but I will warn you, if you do comment here, Sonic.EXE will most likely kill you in a violent matter. But don't worry, you don't have to make the effects stick, only if you want to.))

Yes, bow down you puny mortals for your god has come, and he is pissed. Oh what wondrous sorts of pleasure I'll get from ripping your innards out~!

.:: The little know Creepypasta ::.

No one knows exactly where Sonic.EXE's origins are, all we know is that he came from the disc that when you put it in, it takes you to his little playground of hell, witnessing the murders of Tails, Knuckles, and Eggman before he finally comes after you at the end. Well, we thought it would only stop their, but it didn't. Many murders have been committed by the vile demon as a result of him killing Tom, and thus setting himself free. No one knows how he can die, but what most people know is that when anyone has a hold of the disc he originated from, you can inadvertently control him yourself, or kill him if you so desire. But Sonic.EXE was smart. He hid the disc somewhere where no one would find it. Who knows where it dwells now.


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